wat lek wat peace !

Assalamualaikum hai blog :)

to be honest, i have many things to do and many things to think/ decide ! woahhhh. don't know where to start actually. heee. oh yaaa, yesterday, i have done my Ethic presentation. it was sooooo boring. bhahhaaha. just so you know. i am not the one that like to talk much and i don't have confident too ! but everything went well. and you guess what, Qay Own recorded me during the time I presented! omg! hahahaa so funny you know? silly me =.=

well actually, i dont have mood to do any of my works! hmmm. for your information, i need to complete my resume for the internship, i need to decide which company that I want to go for practical. ahhh! everything made me so stresssssss. and again, i have to think/ to do my project which i have to show to my lecturer next week. before i forget, i also need to finish my Literature Review that made stress too! and the due date is next week!!! if you are a Final Year student then you know what I am talking about. just be once! ahha

hmm, i have a good news for myself. ahha. well, i am going to Thailand next month ! weeeeeeeeeeeeee. i'm so excited. actually i'm going to do community service at the place that i dont know exactly. hahaa. never mind, i will update later :)

okay, i think i'm done writing. hahaa till meet you again dear blog. daaaa :D

p/s: trying to improve my writing skill :O please dont get annoyed :)

bye !



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